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Club Se7en Niagara
Club Se7en Niagara
Club Se7en Niagara's Hottest Club
Club Se7en Niagara
Club Se7en Niagara
Club Se7en Niagara Shining through the world famous Niagara Falls landscape, Club Se7en is a luxurious, upscale haven catering to a sophisticated clientel. Located at the intersection of Fallsview Blvd. and Robinson St., Se7en is the pinnacle of nightlife in Niagara. Showcasing a brick and beam loft style space housed in a warehouse dating back to the 1920's, Club Se7en brings a raw, industrial, New York feel to Niagara Falls. Boasting spacious 20ft high ceilings surrounded by authentic exposed brick and huge, picturesque windows, the ambiance is sexy, posh, and inviting.

Situated within the stunning venue and along the brilliant windows are an array of VIP booths for you and your guests to enjoy your evening in comfort and style. Whether you want to dance the night away or shmooze in our ultra-exclusive VIP booths, Club Se7en provides you with an unforgettable experience.
Se7en executes and delivers Niagara a World Class clubbing experience that can be compared to only the most exotic night spots in the world. The venue, the location, niagara's largest outdoor patio, the music and d.j.'s, the people, and the atmosphere truly make Se7en distinct. This is Niagara's Night Club and has been designed for the people.

Patio/ Terrace

The outdoor terrace is fully liscenced with it's own bar and seating for the comfort of our guests. Our goal was to bring the comforts of the indoors to the terrace, while still enjoying the benefits of being outdoors. Every Friday and Sunday at 10 p.m. there will be a fireworks show to open the doors and kick off the nights festivities.

The ambience is incredible, you can hear the falls roaring just hundreds of feet away if not drowned out by the world class beats. Niagara's unmistakeable skyline is also above...the Skylon Tower, Fallsview Casino, and Imax theatre right in the heart of the entertainment district.

Club Se7en Niagara Patio

Club Se7en Niagara Patio

Club Se7en Niagara Patio

Club Se7en Niagara Patio Melting Ice Simulation Bar

Bars (Melting Ice Simulation)

Se7en is proud to offer it's guests four full service bars, as well as bottle service and cocktail waitresses to cure their thirst.The showcase is the main bar which is the first of it's kind in Canada.

The Patio/Terrace Red Bull bar in addition to our indoor bars are custom designed to compliment the future of Nightlife and instrumental use of LED lighting.

Bottle Service

There are several indoor and outdoor VIP booths availible and to ensure quality service and experience you will be provided your own personal host for the night. The booths are set in a plush inviting area of the club with windows looking out onto the Fallsview blvd. and Robinson st. tourist area. Lighting and semi-private feeling creates a mood that can not be imitated by any other club in the World. You truly are a King or Queen for the night as guests of the Se7en staff.

Club Se7en Bottle Service

Club Se7en Niagara Parking


Se7en has the most spacious and an abundance of parking spots, with over 800 spots directly in front of our doors. As well we are pleased to offer vip parking directly infront of the patio and our front doors to accomodate all of our guests needs and concerns. Our over accomodating lot is also monitored and protected by security services for the safety of our guests and their vehicles.

Club Se7en Niagara



Club Se7en Niagara    5355 Ferry St     Niagara Falls Ontario
For Guestlist & Bottle Service call: 905 354 7100 or email:
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